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Pages have age tanning. Vertical creases on front cover. Starting in the mid 's, Bantam began to reprint the series sadly not always in original publication order in paperback. A review of the Conan The Barbarian movie. A folio of covers from foreign language Robert E. Howard paperbacks. Paul and others. Va Dine, Scribers, , 1st edition hardcover. Results Pagination - Page 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Shop by Category. Printing Year see all. Not Specified. Binding see all.

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e-book G-8 and His Battle Aces #95 December

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The Second World War: Fighters of WWII

Free Shipping. Free In-store Pickup. Show only see all. Returns Accepted. The Galactica has reached Earth, but civilization there has become a primitive one, currently under the sway of a would be dictator who has more in common with the Cylons than with his own people. Soulmates Arc Manor, A spoof of the television series.

A spoof of the Star Trek television series. A newspaper reporter uncovers a secret plot within the government to use tailored viruses against our own citizens. Ambiguous novel about a world with a strange culture. Every ship to dock with a space station has disappeared, and a new expedition is sent to find out why. As the ancient killing machines threaten to destroy the human race, a host of new religions spring up near a planet that periodically disappears.

Beyond the Aquila Rift Gollancz, Collection of sometimes related stories. Blue Remembered Earth Alastair Reynolds, Two siblings follow a trail of clues to the secret of interstellar flight. Related to the Revelation series. After Earth is ruined by nanotechnology gone wild, an artificial world is found that duplicates the world just prior to World War II. Set in the same universe as Revelation Space , but with different characters. A professional security consultant who failed his employer travels across space to hunt down the man responsible.

During the chase, he has flashbacks to the life of the mentally twisted man who led the settlement of his homeworld, and then discovers that his memories are not his own. A group of visitors try to solve the mystery of an alien artifact. Elysium Fire Orbit, A series of inexplicable deaths troubles a system of worldlets. Collection of loosely related stories.

An alien race tries to rewrite time. In the very distant future, someone tries to wipe out a strain of star traveling clones. Iron Tactician, The NewCon, A star traveler gets sucked into an interplanetary war. On the Steel Breeze? A pair of clones try to discover what an artificial intelligence is concealing about a distant planet. Permafrost Tor, Time travelers try to remedy a future disaster. A police officer on a Utopian world discovers a plot to overthrow the government.

Greg Jenkins

An expedition is diverted to investigate an artificial object leaving the solar system and is caught in its orbit and unable to escape. Various human factions battle for control of a collection of super weapons when faced with the arrival of life devouring machines left over by a previous civilization. Scientists on a remote planet are seeking to discover what caused the extinction of an intelligent species, but their efforts are hindered by a civil war within the colony.

Elsewhere, a ship crewed by humans so augmented and altered that they are essentially another species seeks a cure for their captain, who has been attacked by a parasitic disease. Revenger Orbit, Two sisters battle space pirates. Shadow Captain Orbit, ,. Having captured a pirate's spaceship, two sisters try to convince others that they are not criminals as well.


Slow Bullets Tachyon, An interstellar flights goes awry and passengers find themselves a thousand years in the future. Terminal World Ace, Disaster in a far future earth. Short novel about a space colony facing a threat when a visiting starship endangers a mysterious form of intelligence found on their world.

Knopf, , as Kiteman of Karanga. Banished from his own tribe, a man sets off to fly across the desert on a giant kite, and on the far side discovers strange new lands and peoples. Kiteman of Karanga. See Kiteman. A military unit begins building an enigmatic device on an occupied world. Dark Creed Black Library, A split within a unit of space marines turns violent. Dark Disciple Black Library, A self aggrandizing military officer is caught between his superiors and an alien force.

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Kharn: Eater of Worlds Black Library, Military SF. Word Bearers Black Library, Intrigue on the planet Venus. Note that many of this author's near future Utopian speculations are loosely set in the same universe. An ex-soldier agrees to participate in an experiment designed to increase his intelligence, but finds himself in hot water.

Not only is the intention of the project to replace the human race, but someone is willing to kill to keep him from exposing what is really happening. Two people with the ability to occasionally predict the course of the future are enlisted by the government in a secret mission.

Unfortunately, their powers do not enable them to eavesdrop on their own personal futures to see what comes of their involvement. Humanity has achieved a Utopian future but it is predictably boring. More and more individuals choose to immerse themselves in virtual reality dreams and escape the humdrum. A handful of rebels realize that the race is headed for extinction unless it finds a fresh challenge.

A United Planets novel. An agent is sent to a planet dominated by women, where he is contacted by representatives of a male oriented revolutionary group. There is something fishy about the rebels though, and the outsider is about to find himself in very hot water.