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  3. How to make kimchi in 5 easy steps
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  5. Do kimchi and other fermented foods give you more fizz?

Add parsley, dulse, and fermented vegetable juice to the grated vegetables and mix well. Place fermented vegetables in a sanitized wide mouth jar.

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Press down with a kraut pounder to remove any air pockets and ensure a solid pack. Wait for 1 hour so that juice from the vegetables rises to the top of the jar. Place a single cabbage leaf over the contents of the jar, pushing it down under the liquid in the jar. This protects the fermenting vegetables from exposure to the air, which can cause mold.

A glass weight or other heavy object can be used to keep the cabbage leaf below the surface of the brine. Secure the jar lid with a vapour lock to inhibit contamination. Allow to ferment for 5 to 7 days, or until active fermentation ceases. Allow the fermented vegetables to ferment at room temperature for a week. Once all active bubbling has stopped the jar may be refrigerated. Replace the vapour lock lid with a normal wide-mouth lid. Notes It may take a week or more for the flavours to meld and be to your liking. Serve when it tastes how you like it.

Recipe Card powered by. Take a large spoon and push down the cabbage until all are submerged in the liquid. Burp the bottle after a day or two or when you see bubbles forming on top. But I simplified and included only the essential ones for this recipe.

PDF It is an easy diet with a kimchi (Japanese Edition)

My mom asked me how I made such a great kimchi, so simply. Now that was a compliment! If you make this recipe, please rate it below. I am a retired Chiropractor and an Acupuncture fellow. I started blogging and sharing my tried and true allergy friendly recipes after my children were diagnosed with various food related health issues.

Follow me, drkarenslee on Instagram and Facebook and see what I'm cooking up today!

And if you've tried any of the recipes, please tag drkarenslee and let me know! I still get together with my Mom when we make kimchi for the winter.

We have a great time and we eat lots of delicious food! Thanks for de-mystifying!!! I still have one question for you: did you drain the liquid from your cabbage after the salting and soaking process?

I started some kim chee last night. I used about 1. Most recipes that I have seen use tons of salt, then require rinsing. I was trying to avoid all of the waste and rinsing. What do you think?

No need to steal a secret family recipe; we've got you covered.

My mom is neurotic about cleanliness and she washes before AND after. I wash the cabbage before salting and keep the liquid, after adjusting for the saltiness. The two most awesome dishes, WOW. Thanks, good job. I will try this. Thanks so much for sharing this!

Oh man, awesome!! I love kimchi, though it took me a while to come around to it. I had it not too long ago rolled up in sushi. It was so good! Try it on pizza next time. With a little bit of spic kimchi on top of veggie pizza is indescribable! Its […]. We also love sauerkraut in everything so we get our share of […]. I use whatever vegetables I have to make this easy sushi rolls for lunch.

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I even use kimchi inside for extra flavor. You can use long strips of cucumber, pepper, avocado, or whatever strikes […]. You can add oyster, squid, shrimp, shredded squash, and even kimchee. Or make it just plain with scallions and slivers of carrots. I like adding shredded squash in the […]. Want to make your own? Check out this simple kimchi recipe.

How to make kimchi in 5 easy steps

Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Authentic Korean Kimchi Recipe. Servings: As a Korean, I eat kimchi every day. Just made this. Smells amazing and looks excellent.

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Now waiting for the fermentation. Thanks for the recipe. Hai Dana, can I use Tropicana pineapple juice instead of canned pineapple juice? Can you please help me with this. This is so delicious! It tastes perfect!

Do kimchi and other fermented foods give you more fizz?

Other than that — perfection! Thanks for another gem :. She clearly stated this was not traditional Kimche, but a simplified vegan version. This site is for vegans, and it is free. There is absolutely no reason to be rude. I made your recipe with the exception of the carrots… they seem like they would completely change the flavor of the Kimchee… other than that, you recipe was very good! I just found you while surfing, looking for new plant based recipes! So excited to try more of your recipes.